Mini Mac Storage Center
OUR GOAL is to maintain and operate a pleasing facility that you    
can feel good about coming to and storing your property at.
989-681-4315.........8200 N. Begole Rd., St. Louis, Michigan    488880

5 x 10 w / 1 Overhead door
5 x 15 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 10 w / 1 Overhead door
11 x 10 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 15 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 20 w / 1 Overhead door
11 x 20 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 25 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 30 w / 1 Overhead door
10 x 30 w / 2 Overhead doors
20 x 35 w / Overhead door, walk door, lites
40 x 35 w / Overhead door, walk door, lites

12 x 25 outside storage space
12 x 40 outside storage space

To estimate how much space
you might require scroll down to
the Space Requirement Storage

$8.00 each including sales tax

We also sell Chateau round padlocks.  We believe
they are a high quality padlock and we want our
customers to have the security of a good lock.  Its so
important to us that we sell it for only $8.00 each and
that includes sales tax.  If you buy one of these locks,
for additional security we will  let you use a hasp
guard while you are storing with us.  All we ask is that
you return it to us when you move out for someone
else to be able to use.
10 x 15
Sizes Page

                   Space Requirement Storage Guide

       What Fits In What Sizes?

The most common questions we get is  "What size of storage unit do I need to put all of my things in?"   
Many people find it difficult to estimate how much storage space they are going to need. We will do our
best at helping customers out with this question! Here are a few ways we can help:
Come visit us at the store or give us a call at 989-681-4315! If you visit our store, we're happy to show
you our storage spaces first hand to help make the decision.
Look at our storage space guide below. It should give you a good idea of our most common storage sizes
so you can compare it to rooms and spaces you know.

                                                                                                                     5' x 10'

Holds one or two large pieces of furniture, 10 - 15 boxes, yard equipment,
icycle or motorcycle.

                                                                                              5' x 15'

                                                                            Holds much of the contents of a small one bedroom apartment,   
                                                                            excluding  major  appliances.

                                                                          10' x 10'

  Holds furnishings of a one bedroom apartment, including some
  major appliances.

                                                                                                             10' x 15'

                                                                                           Holds furnishings of a two bedroom apartment, including
                                                                                           some appliances.  Holds some compact vehicles ( be sure to
                                                                                            measure) and furniture                                                                

                                                                            10' x 20'

Holds furnishings and appliances of a 2-3 bedroom
residence.  Can hold compact and some full-size

                                                                                                                                  10' x 30'

                                                                                                                                    Holds furnishings of 3-4 bedroom
                                                                                                                                    residence, most vehicles, smaller
                                                                                                                                    boats, or pop up  trailers.

                                       20'x 35'    Really Big

20x35' and larger spaces are available on a limited
basis. Ideal for commercial customers and business
storage needs.  Will hold up to 4 smaller cars.

                                                                                                     Outside Parking

                                                                                                     Outdoor spaces for long or short-term parking of vehicles,
                                                                                                     boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles.  The area is
                                                                                                  .  Completely fenced and gated.